You have a mail, a postal mail.

Definitely if in you marketing plan one of the strategies is reach people through the feelings, you should use a post mail for contact your potencial public or clients.

Today i’ve received a postal mail… yes! an envelope! (and were not invoices). Was a invitation for a event organized for a company that sell machines to purify the water. They’ve organised a event to show ‘in live’ the properties of their product.

I think is a good marketing action these days an old practice coming alive again.

Don’t forget to add a link to your web site, social media profiles and invite to read a qr code. This will help you to optimise the action and to be able to measure the results.

mail marketing


Is it for you a valid kind of marketing nowadays?


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Today I saw this Heineken street advertising. Are they trying to say that everybody is speaking about Heineken since its establishment?? Clap Clap for this perfect example about how introduce digital world into offline world.

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