An identity strategy. Where? How? Why?- Personal Brand week –

ImageThe social platforms I choose to introduce myself are: Linkedin, Google+, Flickr, and WordPress for professional reasons, Facebook for friends, and Twitter as a mix between work and fun. (I also interact in other platforms which I use sporadically, like Pinterest, Instagram, Foursquare, about me*, etc).

Linkedin: Only to show my CV. I’ve tried to give Linkedin an opportunity to be more than a online CV: I’ve subscripted to different groups, follow conversations, but honesty I didn’t find really valuable information that I couldn’t read on Twitter or by the RSS. I think I am on Linkedin just waiting for my LIFE’S WORK OFERT there… 😉

Flickr: There I have the images I use for this blog, for the company where I work or pics I’ve just found interested and want to preserve. But anyone can see my profile there, that’s why this is also part of my personal brand. I think the images I have there affect directly my reputation. (So, please delete THAT picture from your flickr!) – Sladeshare is the alternative if you have presentations to show, which is not my case-

Google+: I’m still trying to get the key of this digital platform. For the moment I use it to promote my blog and sometimes I share another kind of information I’ve found interesting, but always related with the professional image .

WordPress: This blog is the reason why I’m using WordPress! It has 2 professional goals (and 1 personal reason): First, to learn how is to manage a blog, from create content until the technical support. And second, to show the word all I know and think about social media and digital marketing (hello companies! Here I am!). (The personal reason is to put into practice my englishJ)

Facebook: Just for friends and fun. Although, I am fan in some digital marketing pages, but is not the objective. In fact, I’ve been filtering my Facebook profile more and more about the information every friend can access. I only have persons who I know in the real life.

Twitter: Is a mix between personal communications with friends and to promotion my blog, to read news, and to keep in touch with referents in digital marketing. I think is an excellent tool to exploit the maximum your personal brand, your creativity, relations and networking.

This was all about Personal Brand, I hope be a help for you to understand what is and how manage the personal brand.

Now, I would like to hear what do you think and how you manage it.


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