Optimize your Personal ‘System’ – Persona Brand Week –

ImageWhat means “internet passion”? Is the impulse that takes you to open more and more profiles in social media -without think- and spend hours and hours in front of the computer screen (tablet or cell). It is directly proportional, the more passion you feel for internet, the more time you spend online. It is the parameter I named “internet passion” Beautiful, don’t? But Caution! Because if you open a profile in 99 social networks, you will have to get under control the 99 profiles and update them at least once a week. Now doesn’t sound good…

Now seriously. I want to clarify that the quantity of profiles and social networks in which you should interact depends on how many networks you are able to periodically update and interact. These will be your letter presentation, your DIGITAL YOU, so is better have a few profiles good managed than appear everywhere in a wrong way.

An important think is to create a “system” between all your profiles. System in the ‘offline word’ is defined as a set of interacting or interdependent components forming an integrated whole*. And that is exactly what we have to create between our social profiles.

3 points about optimice you personal “system”:

1) Try to look all your profiles as similar as it is possible. Using  the identical profile picture, the same way to communicate and as much as possible the same colors, background and general design.

2) Determinate your “Keywords” and include all of them in your presentation texts. Also, try to adapt the same description about you in all the platforms as much as the characters allow you.

3) Connect and synchronize all the profiles and publications you make between them. Take care about this, not all you publications in Facebook are suitable in Linkedin.

People will create an “image” or “idea” about you and, and consequently the system generated your personal brand will operate as any other corporate brand.

Are you agree about the system concept applied in social media?

* System from Wikipedia.


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