Welcome to the PERSONAL BRAND week!

ImageI’ve started written an article about personal brand, but I found that I had too much to say and one post was not enough! Finally I’ve written 3 articles that I will be publishing along this week. 7 days, 3 post, 1 theme: WELCOME TO THE PERSONAL BRAND WEEK!

Let’s get started…

But, what is “Personal Brand”? Wikipedia says: “Is a description of the process whereby people and their careers are marked as brands. Like trademarks, must be processed, transmitted and protected, with the intention to differentiate and achieve greater success in social and professional relationships”.

Manage the personal brand takes more value if you are working in the digital marketing or social media environment. Nowadays, how you manage your personal brand speaks about you more than your experience, CV and studies.

I manage my Personal Brand like if it were my own company. All the details about where and how I interact are thought before. I have a plan and strategy about my online presence – in the next post I will share it with you-.

Remember, every day is more and more important to pay attention to things you say and do in internet if you want to give a good impression to future partners, clients, bosses, etc. All this content about you will contribute to the formation of your Personal Brand.

When you take notice of the important of have a good internet reputation, you will feel… scared!! “How I supposed to be showed?

Well, all deepens in your “internet passion”, goals and professional activity.

But write about it in the next post…

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