McDonalds and its friends. Alliance Marketing.

Few days ago I’ve read an article* about the McDonalds menu board and how it is full of another famous brands (like Coca Cola, Oreo, Milka, etc… also Monopoly!!) – Let me tell you, I found this observation really interesting- The post in essence was about how McDonalds uses the image of prestige brands to increase its proper credibility and brand quality.


Does McDonald really need them? I don’t know, but coming from where it comes, sure works!

It is a good inspiration. Why do not take this idea and apply it in your social media strategy? Collaborate and create partnerships with persons or brands which can complement your work, product or services is definitely a good decision. Think about what kind of persons or brands you should be related. How you can add them value, and how they can help you to increase your prestige, popularity, etc.

These kinds of alliances are not new in business, I know. But the object is:

Can we adapt this marketing strategy in a social media plan?
Does will have the same impact, or even better?
How work together in social media with another brand without cover our own brand?

I promise I will investigate it.

But while, let us know your opinion!

*based on this post from “Bajo la Linea”.


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