The Inbound Marketing. Devirtualizing a referent.

ImageToday I have the placer to assist to my first seminary about Inbound Marketing (my first seminary at all) at La Salle University here in Barcelona.

The dissertation was given by Oscar del Santo (@OscarDS). He is a referent in Spain about social media, online reputation, marketing digital and personal brand. This morning he has been introducing his new book: Marketing de Atracción 2.0 (Inbound Marketing in english). I was so excited, this was the first time I saw “live and direct” a person who I follow and I usually read. Was really rewarding see all that people interested in a conference like this. Definitely in Spain the marketing workers know where the future of the marketing is!

The central topic was “Inbound Marketing 2.0”, here my little resume:

Social Media is not a place to practise the e-commerce. Were made to connect people, not to sell. But its correct use  can influence positively the sales.

– The benefits are demonstrative and measurable. Here a study made by McKinsey.

– He has recommended the Book: Enterprise 2.0 by Andrew McAfee

Best moment to tweet: Oscar recommend a study made by @DanZarrella named The Science of Social Timing, is an exhaustive investigation about the most effective time to public in social media. He also commented about his own experience, he determinate that the same information twitted at a correct time and day could represent a benefits of 300%, three times more views. App recommended Gremlin.

The Social Media Specialization: as consequence of this kind of studies (The Science of Social Timing), the profile of a person who works is social media will not be more that “geek” who know a lot about Facebook, Twitter or his Blog. The Social Media will be managed for professionals and people who study to do that.

– Before start generating content make sure that you have a community created. Because otherwise… With who are you going to share?

Detect your “influencers” (in a determinate keyword), they will be your first allies and must stay in your community-based. This influencers will spread your message.  The app recommended to recognize the influencers was Twazzup.

– If you want to use the inbound marketing to sell, think about the relevant content for your specific audience, your potential customers.

– He specks about a new social platform named “Fancy”, described as the perfect mix between a network like Facebook and the e-commerce… “The future of the Social Media” as he said.

– The benefits and use of Geolocation and the QR codes will continues growing up in relation with the massive use of the smartphones.

Love what you do, read everyday post and newsletters, assist to conferences as much as you can. Follow and listen the professionals.

What do you think about the Inbound Marketing?


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