Waiting for the Fans in Social Networks, that beautiful slowly process.

Today I’ve read a post named “Insist on the imImagemediate results in social media leads to frustration” never better said. A simple, concise and true title.

 Then, the questions have exploded in my mind: Like community manager, Do I usually have patience to wait for the results? Is there a time estimated waiting to affirm that my actions in social media were successful or not? How long do I have to wait for the audience to appear? Unfortunately there is not answer. All depends in how your audience is and how they interact (some are more reluctant to the social networks).

 While you wait the audience, I recommend you checking these tips:

 1- Social Media is a slow process, be patient with your fans: To get hundreds of fans/followers requires patience and interact with your community the same if they are 60 or 40.000. Remember the real value of the social networks is the recommendation, and this 60 followers will contribute in getting 40.000.

 2- Social Media doesn’t do miracles. So, if people don’t find your product attractive or useful in the “offline” life, they not will do that in the “online” life.

 3- Are you looking for your customers where they really are? In my case, my company’s customers are academic students from Spain. So I read investigations and research about what the young people do in internet (spanish statistics). With this information I’ve been able to choose the exact networks in which my audience interacts.

 4- Are you giving your public what they need? Remember that the most important in social networks is the content. Show pictures of your product and its benefit is not a good idea here. I’ve read an article about a men’s suits store, which started promote videos with suggestions -for example- about how properly iron a shirt. The popularity soared. Now he and his brand are referents in the sector and has a lot of tutorial videos like that. (Take a look to the web site and the YouTube channel).

 If you answer all those questions successfully, then you are on the right track…

Are you agree with me? Is there another tip I didn’t mention?


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