Social Media Revolution… Welcome to the Digital Age??

If you are introducing yourself into the social media world is important understand the really meaning of these words. “Social media” is more than share photos in Facebook and write about what are you doing in Twitter. It is a new way of communication, is a deep change in how we relate to others.

More and more specialists often describe this century as the “Digital Century“.  The communication is changing, the way of sharing information is changing, and as its consecuence the marketing and the organization’s estructure is changing (i’m reading a book named “The Social Organization”.  I’ll explain about it in a next post).

This Social Media have done mutate the tradicional marketing into a Social Media Marketing (companies create a community around the brand), Content Marketing (borned from Blogs), Viral Marketing (content is spread quickly through various social networks), and the list is endless. For the first time the publicity is not invasive (as on TV), is a bilateral communication, not a monolog.

Are you agree? Do you think the Social Media is a revolution?

Are we going into the Digital Age??


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