Your new friend: The PHOTOSHOP!

Oh good! I have my square eyes! The first suggestion I’ll give to you is LEARN HOW TO USE THE PHOTOSHOP! This has nothing in commun with the social media, but believe me, is a really important tool if you are a begginer and do not have the luck of work in a big company with professional designers.

I spend hours with the Photoshop only to prepare a ‘decent’ image.

So, my first suggest is start reading something about this program, the easier and basic things, because when you have a imagen in your head you are the only one able to translate that into a real one. And like my case even in my work I have to prepare also the images for the company’s social pages.

In internet you can found a lot of interesting tutorials.

Check this out:

Say hello to your new friend and… Good luck!!!


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