Blogging time. WordPress dot What?

You don’t have to be a genius to know that have a successful blog with hundred or thousand visitors requires a lot of hard work, interesting content, staying all the time looking for new ideas to write about, and training.

For me, Training is the key. I recommend you creating your own blog to familiarize yourself with this tool. You can write about what you like or even about you (don’t worry someone -even for mistake- will find you). At the first moment is complicated to find something to write about, but eventually it will become in a habit. And that is the goal we have to achieve.

I’ve read in a lot of blogs that ‘the experts’ always recommend  WordPress.

There are two kinds of WordPress: and

¿The Diference?

.com: Is free and easy to use. All the software actualizations are automatic. It use the WordPress proper Server, you only have to worry about how your blog looks and the content. The inconvenient is you can’t use plugins (google analytics for example). If you want to give to your blog a special look you must pay -and even paying the options are limited-.

.org: Blog’s hosting and maintenance depends on you. You should understand something about programming. But the appearance you can give your blog are ilimited. And you can use Google Analitycs! offer a community with you can share contacts, information, ideas and all that stuff.

Which one do you recommend? And Why?


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